Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gagopolis Redux

First, I forgot that I have a blog to update.

Second, my computer forgot that there's a website called My computer clears its history every month. I guess I haven't updated for a month...I think.

I have no specific topic for this post--just plenty of random bitterness, ranting and moronity.


I'll start things of by giving Ge her most-awaited public apology.

"Ge, I'm sorry for calling you a heartbreaker in my last entry. Truth hurts and I'm sorry for hurting you...hahaha!"


Seriously though, you (Ge) should consider that as a compliment. Not many girls can proclaim that she is a heartbreaker. In our class, there's just the two of you. The other one of course is--Betsy. But then, Betsy is in a league of her own.


Dinuguang Atienza

You will need: Prof. Atienza of Social Dance (whole and alive), a katana, a hose, mortar and pestle, a drum, water, vinegar (freshy squeezed from Ma'am Atienza's armpits) and condiments.


1. Thrust Ma'am Atienza's belly with the katana.
2. Quickly insert the hose in the hole made by the katana.
3. Once her blood starts to gush out from the hose, direct the other side of the hose into a drum.
4. When all the blood has been drained out, take out her insides including her brain.
5. Chop her insides into chunks and pound her brain using the mortar and pestle. Set aside.
6. Fill the drum with water and bring it into a boil.
7. Simmer Ma'am Atienza until soft (approx 3 days)
8. Once the flesh are soft enough, hoist Ma'am Atienza from the drum and chop her into chunks.
9. Mix the blood with the boiling water. Simmer, until the mixture thickens.
10. Once the mixture is thick, pour in the vinegar. Stir.
11. Put in the chopped Ma'am Atienza you set aside earlier. Simmer for 10 minutes.
12. Sprinkle some pepper and salt to taste.
13. Serve to Babsi.


Fuck her for forcing me to join the dance contest without my consent. Plus threats of giving me a 5 in the final grade.

No words can describe my disgust toward her. Satan doesn't even come close to this fat...fat...fat tub of lard.


Welcome to Starbucks, home of the social climbers.

Whenever I walk past Starbucks, I feel like throwing up.

Parrang ang prrretentious kc ng mga pipol der eh. Dey all luk alike nga eh, parrang all of dem have I-Pods and Havaianas and it's like their "parang" are all "parrrrang" duh?! When actually, most of them are really katulongs. They just made nakaw their amo's I-Pods and Havaianas then rushed to Starbs pagkatapos making buy the groceries and making sundo the kids from the school.

In Starbucks you could easily distinguish the rich from the pretenders, the amos from the katulongs and the Ateneans from the _________ (insert name of school). It's so obvious. Parrang....okay stop me please.

For the record, I have tasted their coffee. It tastes like coffee--the one being sold in stores for P3.50. It's basically the same, only with fancier names like Chocofuck Delight, Espressomoron and Brazillian Wax Cappuccino.

I hope Starbucks sells life--the pretenders need it badly.


Last Wednesday, we watched PBA Semifinals in Araneta Coliseum.

During the first match most of the people were pretty civilized. The opposite happened for the next one. Well, Ginebra is in it so...

And boy did Arvee look scary.

I'll leave it at that.


Thank God for the pirates and their DVD's! They showed us that you can produce DVD's without robbing the public's money. Of course they don't pay royalties. But 1000 for a single DVD is just plain robbery.

Actually it's the companies robbing the artists. The artists probably get 10% royalty from the revenue leaving the whopping 90% to these greedy companies.

Right now, I'm just having fun watching Slam Dunk, Magic Knight Rayearth, B't X, Prince of Tennis, GTO and hentai, hentai, hentai etc all for P60 per DVD.

Long live the pirates! May you bring more anime porn to horny people's lives.


By the way the title is Latin for The Comeback of Gagopolis. Mr. Brillo inspired me to do so. With all his encyclicals like Gaudium et Spes etc. he asked us to memorized. Why should we know all these things, will it end hunger or the most coveted world peace?

Jesus doesn't even know these things. Why should we?

Entry ends here. I'll try to update more often. More like last year.

I hope...